March 13, 2014.


DeathWings have a transparent black scale armor thing but you can see their bones. They have scythes for horns, and a serrated arrow point tail. They can also change their arrow point tail to a scythe tail. They also have miniature Scythes for claws.Their horns are jagged and their wings are torn. The most striking characteristic about them is that they have black tear stains around their eyes.

Their eyes can come in any shade of red, from bright to deep crimson, and instead of round pupils, they have a vertical slit. The whites of their eyes are black. They have white forked tongues.

DeathWings also have floating skulls around their ankles. Swirling around with this is white smoke. This is due to the fact that DeathWings are somewhat related to DarkWings and SpiritWings, and like them, have white smoke.


Death Stare

If they stare at a dragon, their eyes begin to glow and swirl, causing a slow death to anyone who sees it directly. The longer they hold a trance, the brighter their eyes glow. The only counteract to a death stare is a mirror or other metallic objects when in a trance, but after a trance, the only cure is a concoction named the Drought of Death (see Concoctions.) This ability is not commonly used due to the fact that is is almost impossible to control, and side effects of using this are splitting headaches.


DeathWings can breathe a very special type of fire. Instead of burning the dragon’s scales, like normal, it will melt any part of the dragon’s body including the face, wings, and tail. It is not lethal, and will douse out very quickly, but it is very painful, like RainWing venom. When breathed, the fire appears as a dark red at the base that fades into black.

Soul Reaping

DeathWings are known to find a dead dragon body, take its soul, and store it in their scythe tails until it is ready to be taken to the LightWings or DarkWings, depending on whether the dragon was good or bad.


DeathWings are completely invisible. Dragons can only see them if they meet one of these requirements:

  • They are a DarkWing, DeathWing, SpiritWing, NileWing or LightWing
  • Have murdered another dragon before
  • Has seen death
  • Has a mortal wound or illness and is on the verge of death within 24 hours

Scythe Venom

Within that serrated scythe tail is a venom that causes a dragon's worst nightmare to come true. This relates to their curse venom, another venom inside their tail that curses a dragon, deadly illness, brain literally turns to mush....


Queen Jinx





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