Hi, I'm new so please don't edit my page! :)


Description: GlitchWings can well... glitch. When they do, it sort of looks like code. Also, they are very mysterious.

Abilities: Mind Glitch

Queen: Queen Virus


Description: are black-blue-purple, silver scales on RainWing style ruff, look like a RainWing version of a NightWing.

Abilities: Time travel, Mind Glitch, Soul Change, Hypnotizing Glare

Queen: Queen Dimension

Ability Description:

Time Travel: They can travel through time, from the future or past, (sorry got this from Doctor Who. :) )

Mind Glitch: Can cause an unsuspecting dragon to glitch in the mind, causing hallucinations and insanity, though this can cause an InfinityWing to be trapped in the mind of the dragon.

Soul Change: This changes the soul, which means they can cause a good dragon to be bad, bad to be good, weird to be normal, normal to be weird.

Hypnotizing Glare: Hypnotizes the dragon, but leaves the InfinityWing to be stunned for twelve hours. :)

DISCLAIMER! Okay, Soul Change, and Mind Glitch aren't my own powers. I got this from other users, I hope you don't mind! I couldn't be very creative! Also so is Hypnotizing Glare! I got this from Popcorncomet! I really hope you don't mind! :)


Description: black scales, with starry underscales like NightWings, arrow-point tail, extra horns like an IceWing, long serrated claws, sharp teeth

Abilities: Can open portals, hypnotzing glares, can drive dragons to insanity, can spike dragons with formidable, arrow-point tail

Queen: Queen Insanity

Also the picture above is a PsychoWing! :D


TimeWings: (Okay, I got this idea from Doctor Who! :) )

Description: black scales, starry underscales like NightWings, arrow-point tail like a PsychoWing, extra horns like an IceWing

Abilities: Can stop time, travel through time, super speed

Queen: Queen Dimension

Queen Dimension rules over both the InfinityWings and the TimeWings, as they are allied and Starbolt, the the Time Glitch PsychoWing is from the TimeWings, the GlitchWings, and the PsychoWings and is born with all their powers, making her the most powerful of all dragons.

Also, this picture is a TimeWing! :D


Description: arrow point tail, a feathery headdress like an axolotl, long claws, nebulae on wings and underbellies, stars on their body

Abilities: can jump, can breath a Coma Vapor, have hypnotizing glares, very mysterious, have a nightmare form, can turn into mist, glowing orbs of energy like stars, retractable spines

Queen: Queen Illusion

Queen Illusion is the nicest of the DreamWings. Her daughter, Hysteria is very nice too.

They also can change into Nightmare dragons with swirling eyes. They all have hypnotizing glares.

Oh yeah! Commander Daydream is nice, and is friends with Dreamwatcher, Dreamcatcher, and Mooncatcher! :D

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