Cresent is a Moonwing.She an artist and adventurer.

Theme song-E.T by Katy Perry.

Body Color- A light blueish-gray color.

Eye Color-red and purple (very odd for a Moonwing)

Personality-Bold,fast,beutiful.Can be shy meeting new dragons.

Relationships-Queen Luna:since Cresent's mom's death,Queen Luna choosed herself to take care of Cresent.Since then,Cresent has been a warrior and lives in the Castle of the Moon.


Cresent is born with the eye color of red and purple which is very odd.Cresent's mother (may be know as Plasma) said that she might be in danger.Plasma thought Cresent many songs like E.T and Cosmic Love.When Plasma had a wing injury,she couldn't fly for a year.When Cresent stood on a cliff the fell with Cresent on it.Plasma died saving Cresent from hitting the ground to hard and crushed by rocks.Cresent lived with Queen Luna from now on.Queen Luna trained Cresent to be the best warrior to make Plasma in the Starwings pround.Cresent wasn't aloud to leave the kingdom because Queen Luna is worried if Cresent will be captured by the other tribes.Queen Luna did everything to keep Cresent happy and safe.As the great war started,Cresent became a warrior at a young age of 7.She kept the song E.T as her theme song because of her mother.It is unknown about Cresent's father but Plasma described him as gray color with red eyes.