The CreationWings are a tribe that I made up.


All CreationWings look different and like the tribe they created and controlled (Sea would look like a SeaWings, Night would look like a NightWing,etc.


They each have different powers based on their creations (Sea Would have SeaWing powers, Night would have NightWing powers (like Starflight), Powerful Night would have NightWing powers plus being able to see the future and read minds (like Moon),etc. They can control their tribe. When the war happened there were four sand beings Sand(the people), Sand 1(Burn), Sand 2 (Blister), and Sand 3 (Blaze) of these only sand and sand 3 survived though Sand 3 was the least important dragon in the tribe.


The official queen of the CreationWings is Queen Creation but whoever somebody thinks a tribe is the most powerful they become a queen.

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