The CraftWings are the makers of almost all the dragon made objects in prynnia.


CraftWings can be any dull color except black and beige. They also have short horns and a curly tail.


CraftWing culture is very work like if that's a thing. Their names are related to tools and materials such as hammer and plank (plank is not available for the taking as it will be used in a fanfiction). CraftWing queens have the luxury of the best tools and materials for building. CraftWing school is specialized with a specific craft in mind such as forging.



  • Queen Brush


  • Prince screw
  • Princess chain
  • Prince invent

Fanfiction Tribe Members

  • Link
  • Gold-sheen

Fanfiction Rogues

  • Plank


Rogues are CraftWings that don't choose a craft.


Basically the CraftWings were created by a God then made weapons for all the wars and lived happily the end


Most rogue s ally with SkyWings otherwise they are unallied


Under the claws of the clouds mountains.

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