Bugwings Are Named After Different Kinds of Bugs.



Bugwing Horns are Mostly Straight With Curved Tops and Rounded Points.

Size and Build:

Full Grown Bugwings are Only as Big as a Seawing's Talon. Hatchling Dragonets are as Small as a Dime. They Also Have a Very Sleek Build.


Bugwings Come in Bright Colors, Like Rainwings, But They Don't Change Colors.


Bugwings Have Clear Membranes That Stick Outwards and Look Like a Butterfly's Wing.


Bugwings Have a Frill Around Their Neck, But It's Just For Decoration. Their Fangs Stick Out of Their Mouths.


Bugwings Can Breath Boiling Hot Water Vapor, Kinda Like a Bombardier Beetle. They Have Tail Tips That Light up, Like a Firefly and Can Rub Their Wings Together to Make Music, Like a Cricket. Like Bees, They Can Pollinate Flowers and Use The Pollen to Make Honey. Also, They Can Swim Like a Water Bug.


Bugwings Hunt Bugs Around Their Home to Make up Most of Their Diet, But They Also Eat The Honey They Make.

Special Places:

The Tree Village ~ This is a Large Tree in The Center of The Lost Continent Where All The Bugwings Live in Their Own Hives, The Largest One Being The Castle. Their are Also Other Hives Around The Tree That Serve as Different Businesses.

The Meadow ~ The Meadow is Where The Tribe Collects Supplies and Pollinates Flowers. There is a River in The Meadow That is Used For Swimming.

The Royal Family:


Queen Katydid


King Bumblebee

Princesses and Princes:

Prince Termite


This Tribe is Used in This Group:The Lost Continent on Animal Jam Clans Wiki.

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