• Millipede the hivewing

    Hi there, i wrote a fanfiction on my tribes, the StoneWings and FlickerWings. These are cpmpletely original and i worked very hard on them. I would greatly apriceate anyone to read my fanfiction!

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  • Star-Seeker 101

    MusicWings (for now)

    BTW this is mainly just the beginnings and rough draft of a tribe idea of mine

    MusicWings are extemley tall but are very lean and weak, they are taller then even a Skywing but are much thinner. MusicWings do however have powerful wing muscels and are very fast and agile. MusicWings overscales are thin but pointed and slightly turned up from the body, causing these scales to be easily caught underneath attacking talons. 

    MusicWings scales are white or black (no exceptions) with twister like burst of of bright colors along their neck, back, and tails that starts from the point of their eyes. So to explain better, a Black MusicWing has a twister of bright blue and green that starts from his eye and runs down this sides of hi…

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  • Cocoheart

    Logo's since I can. IDK

    December 23, 2016 by Cocoheart

    Don't steal please. This is randomess and idea making I guess??

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  • CopperWingz


    December 23, 2016 by CopperWingz


    Basic Info:

    Tri-Council Rulers: Stormchaser (Lightning) Rainwave (Rain) Flightfighter (Wind)

    Location: The highest mountains in Phyrrhia, (In the sky kingdom)

    Abilities: Lightning can breath lightning, Rain can blow a wet fog, and wind can blow powerful winds

    Basic Description:Slim bodies, long tails, pointed scales

    Description for Lightning Stormwings: Lightning charged spine horns, main scales are always darker than underbellies, horns and wings. Two main horns Description for Rain Stormwings: Double webbed spine scales that connect with the wings. One main long horn

    Description for Wind Stormwings: Feathered wing…

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  • ZodiaDragon

    Founder's Notes

    December 17, 2014 by ZodiaDragon

    Heres some notes for my to-do list, and consider this the feedback corner for now.

    First off, here's some of the things that need to take effect:

    • Category pages, especially once some new users start joining.
    • A permanent background image. I've probably changed the theme six or seven times now. So far, it's only been the default images that Wikia provides.
    • A redo of the main page. I'll be getting to this after a background image is chosen.
    • Forum sections, mainly for conversing about ideas.

    This will likely update over time.

    Second, I need to clarify that you may not use images that you did not create yourself. As it says on the main page, this is a legal concern. I do not want to be caught up in a legal issue, and I am therefore going to have to go…

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  • Luckybird7765

    Hello people...

    July 20, 2014 by Luckybird7765

    So yeah. Wiki jumping time.

    Hello Wings of Fire Fanon Tribes WIki! I might as well, with anyone's permission, add in my own tribe idea (It's, for anyone who is well learned in the Fanon Wiki news, probably going to be one that I already put on the Wing Ideas page.)

    Who knows? It might be fun to do something like that. I liked collaborating with Tundra to make our own tribe, and perhaps (if I get her permission, as well as your's)  I will post it here.

    But for now... I think I'll just jump around. Edit. Talk to people. Learn about this wiki.

    So yeah. See you all later...


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