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There are two different "Classes" of these dragons: Delta BladeWings; which usually have colder colored scales, and Beta BladeWings; who normally have warmer colored scales. Delta BladeWings' scale colors usually range from Aqua to Violet, and can have grey or black scales. Beta BladeWings' scale colors range from Lime Green to Scarlet, and can have grey or black scales. Delta BladeWings have slightly longer horns that stretch outwards, and Beta BladeWings have slightly shorter horns that curve inwards or even spiral. Both Classes have the same wings: four wings with scales that make a razor sharp edge on their wing arms, they can usually do damage with these. Commonly, their first pair of wings are a bit similar to a SkyWings', set high on their back with (Of course) the sharp arm wings. They have one serrated claw on their mid-arm, and one serrated claw at the end of each wing finger (If that makes sense...). Their lower wings are slightly smaller and have three claws where the one claw would be on the wing arm, they could partly act as fingers. The lower wings are built more so a dragon can walk on these ones. Where you would see normal arms on a dragon, that's where this dragon's lower wings would be. Both Classes have elongated fangs like RainWings, but cannot shoot any venom. All BladeWings have extremely long necks, and this allows them to twist their necks almost 360 degrees. Both Classes have forked black tongues, and their saliva can irritate the scales of other dragons.
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Powerful Wings: BladeWings can fly as fast as a SkyWing at full speed, soaring through the skies with wide strokes.

Sharp Wing Arms: BladeWings have razor sharp wing arms that can deal major damage when struck against a dragon. This is sometimes their major act of defense. (Many dragons think this is the trait that gave BladeWings their name.)

Blue Fire: Both Classes breathe a Blue Fire which is more hot than most other dragons' fire. Some BladeWings can have blue fire as hot as SkyWing Firescales.

Poisoned Tail Barb: All BladeWings have a barbed spike on the end of their tail that is filled with venom, this is a bit similar to a SandWing's scorpion barb, but is doesn't look the same.

Irritating Saliva: BladeWings have saliva that irritates the scales of any other dragon, only their Tribe is immune to this. This doesn't really help BladeWings, but a bite from them can certainly mean a not-so-fun time for an opponent, especially if the 'venom' can get in between scales or even into an open wound... Ouch. (May remove)


Clumsy Walking: BladeWings have difficulties walking due to having wings replacing their front arms. They can walk on their lower wings, but they are far from Olympic runners, they're mainly built for flying and climbing the rocky mountains in which they live around.

Broken Tail Barb: If a BladeWing breaks the tip of their venomous tail barb, there is a chance of infection and/or venom leaking from the open break. It takes a very long time for a BladeWing's tail barb to heal. (The fastest estimated heal of a broken BladeWing tail barb is about 4-6 moons, the longest timed heal was 1 Year, 7 Months!)

Internal Burning: Because BladeWings breathe such a hot blue fire, they have to limit themselves or they could either have a heart attack or literally burn up from the inside. BladeWings are instructed to limit their fire-breathing at a young age to ensure they will not burn themselves up. (May Remove)


Names usually have something to do with a sharp object, a stone or geode, and sometimes one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, and Sloth. (The ones crossed out cannot be used as a name). Examples of names include StoneTail, SharpEye, Wrath, Stalagmite, Agate, Mountain, RazorFang, SnagTooth, SharpClaw, and Karma.

Some names like Mountain, SharpEye, etc. could be used for male or female Dragons, but usually, and recently, more Dragonesses have been using names like Gem, some sort of crystal, or something similar.

The Classes

The Classes are the two different kinds of BladeWings in the Tribe that contrast with each other in a wide variety of ways. The two classes are Deltas and Betas, what makes them so different but still the same tribe is some legend that came from the Scorching. They are all part of the same Tribe, and nobody could differ them into any other Tribe due to their many differences from all other Tribes, and Tribe scientists have done tests to prove that Deltas and Betas are still Tribe related. (This is also a reason why these Dragons can never have Hybrids, due to their many, many differences contrasting from every other Tribe.)


Before Scorching-

Not much is known about BladeWings before the Scorching, presumably, BladeWings would completely hide themselves from the outside world and live within dark tunnel systems. They meerly tolerated each other, and fights would happen often. Every dragon for themselves...

The Scorching-

Post-Scorching, BladeWings rose from the Mountains like Darkstalker, they took the Scorching and the nation-wide War as a chance to test themselves against the different dragons who lived on the surface.

The way they chose their Queen was brutal; any fully grown female BladeWing who wanted the Throne would fight against the other "Challengers" until one was left in a massive Arena. If a Challenger surrendered, they were killed out of showing weakness. Once there was one last Challenger, she would be admired for her strength and bravery and become the Queen of the BladeWings. 

The first BladeWing Animus was discovered to be Ruby, around 13 A.S.. It was said she discovered her powers by accidentally enchanting a sword to be able to instantly kill any enemy dragon she wanted, and it was also indestructable. It was hidden presumably wherever Ruby lived.

1,000 Years After Scorching-

The BladeWings 

2,000 Years After Scorching-

3,000 Years After Scorching-

4,000 Years After Scorching-

One of the most insane Queens in BladeWing History is crowned, her name is Queen BloodStone. She made the Tribe live like how it did back in the Scorching, she forced Dragonets who she thought were weak to be trained harshly.

Present Day-

Location in Pyrrhia

WoF FullTerritory Map BladeWings Option2

Edited map to include BladeWings, original map by Wings-Of-Bloodfire

BladeWing territory is a mountainous range connected to the SkyWings, one of their Allies. (Borders outlined in Purple with name, image credit to Wings-Of-BloodFire from the WoF Fanon Wiki.)

The BladeWing Kingdom stretches out pass SkyWings, snagging the lower half of the Mountains up until shortly before AviWing Territory, leaving a short span of a free-zone. Inbetween BladeWing and AviWing Territory leaves a harsh mountainous region with jagged peaks and a sinister aura, which is where one of the most violent Rebel Groups known Pyrrhia is hiding. (Read more in: The Rebellion )


In the heart of BladeWing Territory, there is a wide formation of jagged, tall mountains making an oval or circular shape. There are ten mountains creating the formation in total. Surrounded by these mountains is the second largest mountain in Pyrrhia: MoonStone Mountain. There are bridges that wrap all around the eleven mountains, connecting each one together for easy access. MoonStone Mountain is the BladeWing Palace, and each mountain are named as follows-

  1. Sapphire Mountain (The Primary School for younger Dragonets)
  2. Onyx Mountain (The Second School for older Dragonets and Dragons)
  3. Topaz Mountain (The first of the two MarketPlace Mountains, and the smaller of the two)
  4. Kyanite Mountain (The second of the two Marketplace Mountains, but is more for trading and is the larger one of the two Mountains)
  5. Quartz Mountain (The first Mountain of the Central Circle of Mountains that is for housing/nesting. One of the largest of the 10 Mountains in the formation.)
  6. Amber Mountain (The Dragonet Wingery, where BladeWing Dragonets practice flying and climbing, or just play around)
  7. Calcite Mountain (The main Hospital in the Central BladeWing Kingdom)
  8. Jasper Mountain (The second Mountain for housing and for BladeWings to live in)
  9. Lapis Mountain (A Temple to the Deceased, a place of peace and remembering)
  10. Amethyst Mountain (The Main Hatchery)

Agate Mountain actually used to be the Palace a very long time ago, but a part of it shattered in a massive earthquake and nearly killed Queen StoneCutter, and did kill Garnet, an Animus Beta BladeWing, who was never able to enchant something in time to save her from her fatal wounds. The Palace was redirected to the mountain far north from it; MoonStone Mountain, which is where BladeWings currently live. BladeWngs love to fly through the mountains, and so most of their homes are built up high on mountains. The lucky few get their home right on the mountain peaks.


There are many cities found throughout the BladeWing Kingdom, with the Capitol being the Central Circle in the heart of BladeWing Territory, but there are more.




Tribe Founders


Queen StoneCutter ~ Garnet ~ StoneClaw ~ Cliff ~ Ruby


King RazorBlade ~ Dagger ~ GoldFang ~ JaggedPeak ~ Onyx


Living in the towering mountains of the Claws of the Clouds Mountains Range, BladeWings are stone cold hunters of the peaks. They will stop at nothing to capture their prey, and have a special taste for birds... Having settled in the middle of the Continent shuts them off from most seafood, but will travel far to acquire fish and such.

BladeWings have a few tactics to use when it comes to their hunting...

They can hide for up to hours at a time, hiding in the shadows of caves or crevasses, making themselves invisible to unsuspecting passing prey. Sitting in silent wait for prey to stumble by, BladeWings will wait as long as it takes for an unknowing creature, and the patient BladeWing will earn the reward they've waited so long for. 

Taking the opposite approach of being invisible and stealthy, a BladeWing can bombard the den or nest of a creature. They'll explode from the background, scattering the prey to run if they can. But the slowest escapees will meet their fate at the claws of the charging BladeWing.

Soaring high above the mountain peaks, some BladeWings will either circle like birds of prey, watching for prey below, or they'll plant themselves on the peak of the mountain and observe below. The moment they spot prey, the BladeWing will launch themselves through the sky at nearly 100 MPH. They'll extend their talons and hook into the back of their victim, snagging their prey off into the sky.


With most BladeWings, it's learn fast or die. You need to know the world you live in before it tears you apart and leaves you to perish. Now as bad or as 'evil' as this sounds, it's because the BladeWings want to sound imposing (They're kind of like the NightWings by the fact that they think highly of themselves.). They need to teach their Dragonets it's a harsh world out there and there could be countless threats if you aren't careful.

From a young age, Dragonets are taught basic survival, they're going to need it in the harsh environment of the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. Depending on the parents, Dragonets can go through different survival training, but in the end they're taught how to survive.

Tribal Traditions


Challenges & Dueling

Royal Family


Queen StoneCutter ~ Ruled 100 AS-119 AS (The first Queen of the Tribe, killed by Princess-Queen-RazorFang in a Royal Challenge. Mother of Princess SharpEye, Queen RazorFang, Prince RockClaw, Prince Wrath, Princess Jade, and Princess Agate. Beta)

Queen RazorFang ~ Ruled 119 AS-123 AS (Smart like Queen Blister, but not as sinister. She loved her younger sister Princess Jade like a daughter, and protected her. Mother of Prince Stalagmite and Queen Stalactite. Beta.)

Queen Stalactite ~ Ruled 123 AS-136 AS (The only daughter of Queen RazorFang before her assassination by a mysterious, unknown Dragon. She would be the last Queen known for a long time, as for unknown reasons, a large span of the BladeWing Royal Line was lost... Mother of Prince Fossil, Princess _____, ____________, and ___________. Delta)

Lost Line from 136 AS-2,573 AS

Queen Amethyst ~ Ruled 2,574 AS-2,584 AS (The first known Queen after the loss of a large portion of the Royal BladeWing Line. Mother of Princess Azure, Queen GemEye, Prince Kyanite, and Prince Stone. Beta)

Queen GemEye ~ Ruled 2,584 AS-2,599 AS(Second known Queen after the mass lost of the Royal BladeWing Line, hatched with a blind right eye and had it replaced with an amethyst crystal in memory of her mother. Beta)




King RazorBlade (The first King and founder of the Tribe, died soon after his partner StoneCutter lost in a Royal Challenge. Delta)

King ??? (Unknown King that ruled with Queen RazorFang for the shortest time, nobody knows who he was or what happened to him... Unknown Class)

King Stalagmite (Brotherly King ruling alongside his sister Queen Stalactite after the assassination of Queen RazorFang, Delta)

Lost Line from 136 AS-2,573 AS

King RaggedStone (First known King after the mass loss of the Royal BladeWing Line. Beta)

King SandStone (King that ruled alongside Queen GemEye. Delta)



(Note, any Princesses that later became Queen are not listed here, see the list of Queens)

Princess SharpEye (First Princess of the Tribe, one of her four wings was torn halfway through and had difficulties flying. She murdered her youngest sister the night before her challenge with Queen SoneCutter, but died and left Queen StoneCutter with only one heir left. Beta)

Princess Agate (Youngest daughter of Queen StoneCutter at the time, was murdered by Princess SharpEye the night before her challenge with Queen StoneCutter. Delta)

Princess Jade (Jade green Dragonet with exceptionally long horns and claws, Queen StoneCutter kept her on watch 24/7 and, much like Queen Coral, had her on a harness until her death by Queen RazorFang. She was only 3 years old when her Mother died. Delta)

Lost Line from 136 AS-2,573 AS

Princess Azure (The first known Princess after the loss of a large portion of the Royal BladeWing Line. Delta)



Prince RockClaw (First Prince of the Tribe, was not fond of his vicious younger sister, Princess SharpEye. Beta)

Prince Wrath (Prince RockClaw's younger brother, born with Scales of Stone. Even though he has heavy scales, Prince Wrath pushes himself to become one of the fastest fliers of the Tribe. Beta)

Prince Fossil (The oldest of Queen Stalactite's Dragonets. He lost a foot by unknown causes, presumably in an invasion from the MudWings. Beta)

Lost Line from 136 AS-2,573 AS

Prince Kyanite (The elder of the two first known BladeWing Princes after the loss of a long span of the BladeWing Royal Line. Delta)

Prince Stone (The younger of the two first known BladeWing Princes after the loss of a large span of the BladeWing Royal Line. Beta)

Hatching Affects/Defects

Scales of Stone

BladeWing Hatchlings have a 5% chance to hatch with Scales of Stone. These scales are twice as thick and strong as normal BladeWing scales, which actually feel rugged like rocks. These scales, being thicker, can slow a BladeWing in flight, and can weigh them down. A Stone Scale BladeWing doesn't have as sharp of a wing arm as normal BladeWing, but this isn't bad. The wing arm is still sharp, and the stone scales can still deal a pretty hard blow. (Think of StoneMover, how he has literal scales of stone. This isn't the exact case with BladeWings, they aren't as heavy, but they still weigh quite a bit.)

Eyes of Bottomless Caverns

Also known as Eyes of Endless Caverns, a dragon hatched with these eyes have exceptionally sharper eye sight. A BladeWing has a 3% chance of being hatch with Eyes of Bottomless Caverns. It's easy to see if a BladeWing has Eyes of Bottomless Caverns because they will have dead black eyes, rather than eyes that contrast with the colors of their scales. You could just barely see their irises, and staring into a dragon with these eyes can be paralyzed or stunned. There have been only 3 BladeWings currently known to have Cavern Eyes; Queen StoneCutter, Rockface, and Karma.

Animus BladeWings

There are very, very few Animus BladeWings alive, only 5 recorded in BladeWing history. The first BladeWing Animus was Ruby, friend of Queen StoneCutter and the mother of Obsidian, also grandmother of Karma. Onyx was the second original Animus, before she died fighting off invaders of another Tribe. There are now only 3 Animus Dragons recorded in the Tribe: Ruby, CliffEdge, and Obsidian.

(You MUST ask to make an Animus BladeWing!)


All BladeWing eggs start out as being some shade of grey, but as they develop, colors will slowly take place of the rocky grey. Dragons can always determine whether the dragonet will be a Beta or Delta depending on the colors on the egg. Whatever colors appear on the egg will most likely be the colors of the dragonet's scales.

Note: Hybridization is not in any way possible with BladeWings due to their many differences with other Tribes. Any attempts will result with no dragonet.

Depending on parents, dragonets can more likely be a Beta or Delta. Here is a few examples of what determines the dragonet's class.

  • Both parents are Betas, all grandparents are Betas: 100% chance of a Beta dragonet.
  • Both parents are Deltas, all grandparents are Deltas: 100% chance of a Delta dragonet.
  • Both parents are Deltas: 90% chance of a Delta dragonet.
  • Both parents are Betas: 90% chance of a Beta dragonet.
  • One parent is Beta,the other is Delta: 50% chance of a Delta or Beta.

Current Tribe Relationships

Note: This is ONLY for all of the Tribes on the WoF Fanon Wiki! NO TRIBES ON THIS WIKI (Most likely) WILL NOT BE ON THIS LIST

Canon Tribes

IceWings: BladeWings do not commonly get visits or overall ever see IceWings, so they would say they are Neutral with IceWings. Usually, BladeWings who come into contact with IceWings usually find them "cool," or relatable in the sense that both are (most of the time) serious, cold, or sometimes violent.

MudWings: BladeWings often see MudWings a lot, due to almost bordering them to the South-East range of BladeWing territory. Unlike what most Dragons say, BladeWings find MudWings quite smart and sometimes graceful. They disapprove what other Tribes say about MudWings. BladeWings and MudWings usually get along.

NightWings: NightWings are perhaps BladeWings' greatest allies, and they have supported them through the destruction of their old home on the Volcanic Island. BladeWings and NightWings get along very well, and can commonly be found flying around near the borders of the BladeWing Kingdom and a small, open land currently claimed by no Tribe. Since it's no Tribe's Territory, it's free to all.

RainWings: BladeWings are neutral and sometimes not fond of RainWings. They say it's usually because of the way RainWings seem to 'always have eye-bleedingly colorful scales' and how jumpy or energetic they are. Also, BladeWings do not like how some RainWings treat their closest allies;the NightWings. BladeWings and RainWings usually don't get along.

SandWings: SandWings and BladeWings usually run-or fly-into each other. BladeWings sometimes like to tease or joke about having a similar trait to SandWings, being a venomous tail barb, although, BladeWings' tail barbs are larger. Usually, BladeWings and SandWings sometimes get along.

SeaWings: SeaWings and BladeWings nearly never cross paths, but when they do, it's usually just plain. Although, BladeWings are fascinated with SeaWings' glowing scale/stripe patterns. BladeWings aren't fond of swimming, and sometimes SeaWings may not be fond of flying. So... Usually BladeWings are either neutral or not fond of SeaWings.

SkyWings: BladeWings and SkyWings are most likely play-competing for being the fastest flying Tribe of Pyrrhia. They note how grumpy or such most SkyWings are, and so BladeWings usually watch what they say around certain SkyWings. The SkyWings were one of BladeWings' Allies during the Great War. Other than that, SkyWings and BladeWings usually get along, and it appears that BladeWings and SkyWings are joined under Alliance.

Fanon Tribes

AviWings: BladeWings are completely against AviWings, they HATE them. Rumor is that any AviWings seen traveling into BladeWing territory are never seen or heard from again, especially if found in a CERTAIN place... There seems to be some plan forming within the heart of the BladeWing Palace, and it is strictly forbidden for any outsider dragon to know ANYTHING about it... The origin of BladeWings' hostility against AviWings is unknown, but a secret code to BladeWings is this- AviWings: Kill on Sight

DeathWings: BladeWings see DeathWings even more rarely than IceWings, it's like a 1/10,000 chance BladeWings see DeathWings. If DeathWings and BladeWings meet, they usually don't talk for long, and head on their ways. Secretly, BladeWings find an interest in DeathWings, and wish they could see them more. BladeWings and DeathWings are neutral.

DriftWings: BladeWings may see DriftWings more commonly than Tribes like SeaWings or IceWings, and when they meet face-to-face, they usually have a friendly conversation. BladeWings find DriftWings' unique appearance a bit fascinating, and they point out how both have some sort of large tail piece with at least one rounded side at the tip of their tail. DriftWings and BladeWings sometimes get along.

LeafWings: LeafWings' territory is the third neighbor of BladeWings, and so they commonly see each other. Although, BladeWings are built for extremely long flights and don't exactly like forests, and LeafWings are built moreso they can only stand extremely short flights or gliding. Usually, LeafWings and BladeWings are on neutral terms.

SwiftWings: BladeWings are neighbors of SwiftWings. They like the SwiftWings' competitive and daring spirit, and like to challenge them with races or other things. SwiftWings can be sometimes found near BladeWings' territory, and BladeWings will be there to meet them. BladeWings and SwiftWings may be under Alliance.

TempestWings: TempestWings and BladeWings are not within close contact, mainly due to their territories being on opposite sides of Pyrrhia. Mainly, BladeWings may have to use a SkyWing messenger to bring messages to TempestWings. Although they are far apart, BladeWings and TempestWings may be together in Alliance.

TrickWings: BladeWings never see TrickWings, due to them being out far past SandWing territory and with wherever they hide can not be found by BladeWings. BladeWings are guessingly neutral with TrickWings.

Current Members

Please note I just added this entirely for fun, and because I had nothing else to add at the moment.

Karma - Female, Delta (Owner: 0xSora0ArcticWolfx0)


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