BeeWings are made by the same anonymous contributer as the ShineWings and CorruptionWings,so do not edit or steal this or any other ones. Thanks.


BeeWings are striped with gold and black,and have fragile,insect-like wings. They also have stingers on their tails that can inject a clear venom,and their horns look like antennae. BeeWing eyes are strange and compound,being shimmery and black. BeeWings are very small for dragons,about the size of a large dog. They are not as intelligent as the other dragon tribes. BeeWing society is very unusual,as all except the queen do not mate,and only work. The queen is a living egg machine,producing thousands of eggs every day.


These live in giant wax hives,called colonies. Several hives can be found on giant trees all across Pyrrhia.


things to to do with bees,like Pollen,Nectar,Honeycomb,etc.


Queen Sting.

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