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AgileWings are a rare tribe and can come in any color, and can match their scales to the backround to make them blend in, like RainWings. (Exa. A yellow AgileWing can only change its scale color yellow or blend in with the backround, and cannot change to another color besides yellow not unless blending in with their backround.) They also have one or two tufts of fur sticking out on the side of their head, and a tuft of fur on their tail ONLY if they are male. Rare ones can freely change their scale color and are born with magic, called Magicborns, but these are super rare, and only one dragon is Magicborn, in this case the queen.


How this works is when a queen dies from old age or battle, her next princess takes over. No princess has ever thought about murdering the Queen in her sleep to become queen.


They are fast runners on land and weak in air. They also usually have two tufts of fur on each side of their head and a tuft of fur on the end of his tail.


They are great flyers and not so good runners. They usually have one tuft of fur on the side of their head and no tuft of fur on their tail.


Queen Speedas

King Blur

Princess Fastrunner- twin to prince roadrunner

Prince Roadrunner- twin to princess fastrunner