Created by Timeflight, please do not use without permission. Not stolen from other tribes with the name of ThornWings; if you have a tribe named ThornWings, it's completely by coincidence.


ThornWings have dusty red, brown or green scales, with dull brown or green markings, such as leaf-like patterns on their backs, or speckles. Their eyes can be any shade of green.

They are known mostly for having extremely sharp horns, claws and teeth. Instead of spines, they have spiny bristles on their necks and their tails. At the end of their tail, they have a sharp horn-like spike that can be used as a deadly weapon.

Their scales overlap each other, and each scale is sharp, which acts as a defense; they are nearly as sharp as claws, which would hurt a dragon that decided (not very intelligently) to leap on top of them in an attack.


They cannot breathe fire, but their sharp claws and scales act as a weapon on their own. They also have a very mild venom in their teeth; nothing strong enough to kill a dragon, but it acts very quickly, causing the victim to become numb and confused about their surroundings.


Their territory is a dense forest, of mixed deciduous and coniferous trees, with wild undergrowth.

Names: Nettle, Fern, Wolf, (simple forest-related names), Claw, Fierce, Sharp, (names relating to their claws/scales).

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