Created by Timeflight, please do not use without permission. Not stolen from other tribes with the name of GoldWings; if you have a tribe named GoldWings, it's completely by coincidence.


GoldWings have thick, smooth scales that range in colour from bright golden to bronze or brass with a metallic golden sheen. Their eyes can be green or black. Rare GoldWings have aqua eyes.

GoldWings have thick wing membranes, making them slower fliers. They have thick, flattened tails, similar to alligators, with sharp scales that spread out to the side. GoldWings’ tails, in addition to being caiman-like in shape, also have spines on the end of their tails - on the sides.


They can breathe a golden-coloured fire, which doesn’t just burn; it also leaves a hard, golden resin on any surface that it hits, which can immobilise enemies.

Their scales are somewhat fireproof; they give GoldWings resistance against the heat of fire and magma, although it makes them weak to cold weather.


GoldWing territory is a sort of volcanic region, destroyed by an active volcano, complete with lava tunnels and newly-formed basalt. It's surrounded by a rocky desert, though most GoldWings prefer to stay by the volcano.

Names: Value, Solar, Alloyburn, Sunfire, Amberstone, (usually short two-part names, with exceptions).