Created by Timeflight, please do not use without permission. Not stolen from other tribes with the name of CloudWings; if you have a tribe named CloudWings, it's completely by coincidence.


CloudWings are unusual in that instead of scales they have a coat of feathers, and their wings are structure more like eagles' wings than dragon wings. Their feathers can be white, black or any shade of grey in between; they're usually lighter grey, and black or white are fairly uncommon, though not exactly rare.

They can have blue or green eyes, although some CloudWings have black eyes. Instead of horns and spikes, they have a crest of feathers on the back of their heads, and a fan of feathers on the end of their tails.

They don't have nose horns, and their snout is more like a wolf's or some other canine's than a dragon's. Instead of talons, CloudWings have cat-like paws and retractable claws, so their claws are much sharper than many other tribes’.


CloudWings are very fast in flight, but more notably, exceptionally agile. They are skilled at aerial maneuvers, and most CloudWings rely on their ability to dodge many attacks in battle. Additionally, their senses, other than eyesight, like smelling and hearing, are also enhanced.


CloudWing territory consists of sparse birch groves, hills, and meadows. It's very peaceful, and doesn't see many natural disasters or harsh weather.

Names: Nimbus, Cirrus, Stratus, (types of clouds), Jay, Dove, Kite, (birds), etc.