Created by Timeflight, please do not use without permission. Not stolen from other tribes with the name of BrightWings; if you have a tribe named BrightWings, it's completely by coincidence.


BrightWings have smooth silver scales with a reflective quality to them. Their scales are relatively cold. Their eyes are usually soft, light yellow.

They have white horns, although some have chromatic horns and claws. They have blunt, smooth, slightly curved horns.


They can’t breathe fire, but they can shoot a focused beam of burning light from their mouths, which feels like fire but is very accurate.

Their most noteworthy ability is to change the brightness of their scales; they can be normal, or they can make their scales glow fiercely. This  happens when they are angry or excited, and BrightWings can control it to use against enemies to blind them in battle.


They live in a flat tundra, ringed by small foothill-sized “mountains”.

Names: Vivid, Clear, Burst, Pulse, Glow, (light related names), Ice, Wind, (tundra related names), Chime, Whistle, Melody (sound-related names), etc.

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